Super Coatings = Super Performance

New 16-layer Super ANTISTATIC multi-coating that acts like a static-negating force field around the filter to prevent dust from being attracted to the surface of the glass. The coatings maintain 99.8% light transmission into the glass. The hardened, top-layer is also water repellent, stain and scratch resistant, and smudges or fingerprints clean off easily. Simply put, it’s the easiest filter to clean on the planet.


Highest quality = professional results

The HOYA EVO ANTISTATIC professional filters are made in Japan using hand selected silicates that are carefully smelted and blended to yield high quality glass. The series covers the 3 most common photographic filters, a clear PROTECTOR, UV and CIRCULAR POLARIZER all with the proprietary EVO ANTISTATIC Super multicoating.

On Location

Photo By Hudson Henry
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